SAMPLE Market | Christmas Card Making Workshop

For the December 2019 edition of the Sample Christmas Market, I was invited to host a card making workshop – designed to get the whole family stuck in, be creative and embrace the festive spirit!

It was a wonderful and very busy day – with some beautiful work produced. Highlights included seeing at-first reluctant parents have to be dragged away, attendees of all ages surprise themselves with their creations, the endless imagination of children, and of course, the wide variety of outstanding designs.

With the workshop being free, drop in and welcome to all, it encouraged a wide range of people, (especially those who admitted they hadn’t “created” anything since school), to have a go and discover something new through the experience. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thank you to Yodomo, who invited me as one of their makers, to Saahil Shah for the professional photography and Hemingway Design Events, who curate SAMPLE Market. It was a very lovely surprise to see my workshop centre front of the event programme!