Map making workshop | Collaboration with Salty Studio

-Past Event-

The Workshop, with Isabella Mitchell

A map making workshop which places focus on sensory storytelling and revels in the traces of fleeting yet fond holiday memories. To begin the workshop, participants were briefly introduced to the history of map design, with examples of characteristic features and artistic interpretations to inspire their own creations.

Through a series of hands-on, creative exercises, they were then encouraged to recall journeys and visualise destinations. These processes became a means to translate memories into a visual language, through cutting, collaging, mark-making and drawing.

Everyone left the workshop with their own map, and an understanding of a unique process which they could use to visually describe geographical locations, as shaped by their own personal experiences.

The Food, by Salty Studio

During the workshop, Maud from Salty Studio presented 5 different snacks inspired by remote islands around the world and told a short story about where these come from and their history.

The following islands (and ingredients) were picked to inspire each snack:

  • Faroe Islands, Denmark: turnips, volcanic charcoal powder, fish & seaweed
  • Edinburgh of the seven seas, Tristan da Cuhna: potatoes multiple ways
  • Comoros Island: vanilla, plantains, seafood, coconut milk
  • Kerguelen Islands, French Southern & Antarctic Lands: crêpes, salted caramel sauce
  • Nunavut islands, Canada: all about berries

About the collaboration

Salty Studio is founded by Maud de Rohan Willner, a French/British creative food & experience designer in London. Focusing on the senses, she aims to tell stories and create interactive experiences for her guests to remember. Combining food and design she wants to explore innovative ways to convey messages and transmit emotions, through textures, colours, flavours, aromas and more.

Isabella Mitchell is a freelance designer and illustrator based in London. Her practice centres around drawing places, people and objects from observation. She simplifies forms down to shape, colour and line, and explores relationships through composition, to create playful prints and digital illustrations. She designs and runs workshops to promote the mindful benefits of drawing and designing, within an environment which is easy to access, engage with and connect.

Future Events

This event took place on Saturday 20 July 2019 at Benk + Bo, London

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